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Product > Finished Product > Bracelet > 2) 2 rows bracelet > BS1009-O

Item no
A, B or C
Natural Orange
Standard Length
19cm Length Chart
Silver lobster clasp
US$ 13.99 up

Grade Code Number Retail Prices
Quality A BS-1009A-O USD 27.99
Quality B BS-1009B-O USD 19.99
Quality C BS-1009C-O USD 13.99

* The price shown is retails price. You can get 20%-50% discount when you order now. For more details, please contact with our Sales Dept.

* We provide make knotted services.

* If you want to make even longer / shorter  length, please tell to our staff, we can custom-make for you.


Colour White Natural Orange Natural Purple Silver Grey Laser Black
Item no BS1009-W BS1009-O BS1009-P BS1009-G BS1009-B
Standard Length
Price US$ 13.99 up US$ 13.99 up US$ 13.99 up US$ 13.99 up US$ 13.99 up


* If the price as above are not suitable for you, kindly let us know your price range. We can provide different quality of pearls according to your price range.

* You are welcome to tell us the length of the necklace you want. We can custom make for you. And price will be advised by our sales department.

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